Several Afghan security personnel killed in Taliban attack

Several Afghan security personnel killed in Taliban attack


Jalalabad: A suicide bomber drove a car containing explosives into the Afghan National Defense Forces base in the east of the country on Saturday. At least eight security personnel were killed in the attack claimed by the Taliban.

The pre-dawn assault took place in the restive province of Nangarhar where the Taliban have claimed several deadly assaults targeting government forces.

It came two days after the Pentagon said the Taliban were not living up to promises made in a deal signed with Washington last year, including reducing violence and cutting ties with Al-Qaeda.

The Nangarhar governor’s office said in a statement that eight people were killed when bombers bombed the base with Hummers.

The deputy chairman of the Nangarhar Provincial Assembly, Ajmal Omar, confirmed the attack, but set the number of dead soldiers at 15 and 5 wounded.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said his organization carried out an attack.

The governor’s office said that security forces confiscated another vehicle containing explosives near the city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar.

Nangarhar Province has recently witnessed several deadly attacks by the Islamic State.

Police said that two other roadside bombs exploded in Kabul on Saturday, but there were no casualties.

Although the Taliban and the government participated in the peace negotiations that began in September, violence throughout Afghanistan is still increasing. So far, the discussion has failed to achieve any major breakthroughs.

The new Biden administration in the United States has accused the Taliban of not reducing violence despite signing a deal with Washington last year that stipulated the group do so.

That agreement required the Taliban halt attacks on US forces, sharply decrease violence and advance peace talks with the government in Kabul.

In return, the United States would steadily reduce its troop levels in the country, and remove all forces by May 2021.

But on Thursday the Pentagon said “the Taliban are not meeting their commitments to reduce violence, and to renounce their ties to Al-Qaeda”.

The Biden administration is now reviewing the agreement, which the former Trump administration signed with the insurgents in the Qatar capital in February 2020.

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