Seven held, 6 kg uranium seized in India

Seven held, 6 kg uranium seized in India


New Delhi: Indian police have arrested seven people who own and plan to sell “mineral uranium” on the black market in the Jharkhand region.

According to Indian media reports, the police stated that they had seized 6.4 kilograms of “uranium mine” from the two defendants, but had not yet captured the main suspect who purchased the mine from them.

 A police team conducted raids at various locations in the district on the directions of Superintendent of Police, who got information that a group of criminals were active to trade uranium…During the raids, seven criminals were arrested and six kg of uranimum was recovered from their possession,  a statement from the India’s Bokaro police said.

A case has been lodged with the Harla police station in this regard under various sections of the IPC and Atomic Energy Act.

Police said the accused, suspected to be part of national gang involved in illegal uranium trade, were searching for customers and had fixed its price at Rs 50 lakhs per kg. Notably, a kilo of uranium sells for around Rs 18 crores in the global market, sources said.

The statement said that the seized ingredients will be sent to a forensic laboratory for examination.

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