Saeed Ghani refuses to appear before FIA's cybercrime cell

Karachi: The Minister of Education of Sindh Province, Saeed Ghani, clarified that schools in the province will not be open from tomorrow (Monday).

As the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has issued instructions earlier, all educational institutions in the province are required to close until June 7.

Ghani said that schools in Sindh will continue to be closed until the provincial government issues no further orders, adding that the steering committee will meet in the next few days to decide the matter.

“Schools will remain closed not till June 7 but till further orders aren’t issued from the government,” he said. 

“The meeting will take into consideration the coronavirus situation in the province and will decide whether or not educational institutions should be reopened,” he said. 

Ghani revealed that the steering committee will also finalize the examination timetable.

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