Schools in Sindh to remain closed for an indefinite period

schools in sindh to remain closed for an indefinite period


Karachi: The Sindh provincial government announced on Saturday that schools will be closed indefinitely due to a surge in coronavirus cases in the province.

The Sindh Ministry of Education announced that the fourth wave of coronavirus is more dangerous and issued a notice to close schools until further notice.

It is necessary to mention here that in view of the fourth wave of global epidemics in Sindh, especially the increasing number of delta variant cases, all educational institutions will be closed from July 26, but it is announced that the examination will be held as scheduled.

Later, after the increase in Covid-19 cases, the province imposed a strict lockdown on the province from August 1 to 8, but did not extend it. The Sindh Ministry of Education has announced the closure of all its public and private educational institutions until August 19.

The Provincial Minister of Education has announced that the school will reopen on August 20 and will hold a meeting on the 7th or 8th of Muharram to review the situation. Later, after the meeting of the steering committee was held on August 17, the Minister of Education of Sindh Province Said Shah announced the opening of schools in the province on August 23.

On Friday, the Sindh CM announced at a press conference that educational institutions in Sindh, including schools, colleges and universities, will be closed for another week and will now reopen from August 30.

He said that the extra time will be used to complete the vaccinations against the coronavirus infection for the school’s faculty and staff.

Shah said that parents who want to send their children to school also need to submit proof that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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