IPEMC decide to reopen education institutions as per schedule

Schools in Islamabad to reopen from June 7


The Federal Bureau of Education issued a notice on Friday that Islamabad’s schools for grades 1-8 will reopen on Monday, June 7.

The Federal Bureau of Education stated in the notice that the exam schedule for grades 1-8 will be released soon because it instructs teachers to complete the course.

It is worth mentioning here that the school is offering courses for grades 9-10.

The permit was obtained after several private school associations called for the reopening of educational institutions in the federal capital last month, citing the reduction in coronavirus cases.

The association stated that the condition for the reopening of educational institutions is that the positive rate of coronavirus has fallen below 5%, while the infection rate in the capital has dropped to 3% in recent days.

The association stated: “Despite the low positive rate of coronavirus, the closure of schools in Islamabad is disturbing.”

These associations require the government to issue an immediate notice to allow the school to reopen in Islamabad.

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