SC orders FBI to re-investigate into illegal tax refund 1

SC orders FBI to re-investigate into illegal tax refund


Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) on Wednesday ordered the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) to reinvestigate into the illegal tax refunds case against Sales Tax Commissioner Abdul Hameed within three months.

The Threefold Supreme Court, headed by Supreme Judge Gulzar Ahmed, heard the case and expressed indignation at Pakistan’s highest federal government organization investigating tax crimes and money laundering. In the same case: “clean one officer and render account to the other.”

Meanwhile, FBR chairman Shabbar Zaidi filed a tax refund report with the court and told a bank on behalf of an FBR lawyer that action had been taken against tax refunder Ashfaq Dino.

In response, Justice Ejaz-ul-Ahsan noted that no other commissioners were mentioned in the report and wondered “who is a competent official according to the rules?”

Counsel replied that amounts in excess of Rs 1 million were approved by other commissioners, while authorized officials were substitute commissioners.

When CJP further questioned the issue, the defender revealed that the deputy commissioner was working under the work of other commissioners who had not approved the reimbursement.

“If the Deputy Commissioner is a competent officer, where does the additional Commissioner come from? … This means that the approval was approved by the Deputy Commissioner,” Justice Justice Ahaz-Ahsan continued.

Supreme Court judge Gulzar Ahmed asked: “How will the government repair the 874.7 crore loss?”

Mr. Zaidi replied that the FBR had been restored on his own.

“How did you do the research without any data? … I don’t understand what [FBR] does and what happens if the appeal is rejected?”, CJP asked.

“The court knows that if an FBR officer commits a crime, he will submit an old investigation report … can you get him?”, The chief judge asked. “No one is talking about honesty … not playing in court.”

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