SC directs to register case against K-Electric

SC directs to register case against K-Electric


Islamabad: On Tuesday, the Supreme Court directed the registration of K-Electric, a case involving deaths in Karachi caused by electrocution during monsoon rains.

According to details, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed has also ordered to put name of K-Electric Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Monis Alvi on Exit Control List (ECL) and conduct audit of the company.

When the Supreme Judge expressed his anger at the prolonged blackout in the big city, he condemned the relevant authorities and pointed out that people are suffering severely from this problem.

Attorney K-Electric replied that the reason for the load shedding was stealing electricity.

CJP further asked why no action has been taken against the perpetrators to stop the theft of electricity.

Earlier, the top leader said that eight to ten people were killed in Karachi every day due to electrocution, but the National Electricity Regulatory Agency (NEPRA) did nothing.

The hearing was held after the residents of Karachi faced great difficulties due to continued power load reduction and electric shock-related incidents.

After heavy monsoon rains in parts of Karachi, some K-Electric feeders tripped.

Enraged locals asked the local government to take action to overcome the blackout.

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