Saudi virus cases top 100,000 with new spike ahead of the hajj

Saudi virus cases top 100,000 with new spike ahead of the hajj


Riyadh: The Ministry of Health said that a few weeks before the beginning of the pilgrimage, new infections surged, and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health stated that the number of coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia exceeded 100,000 on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health added that the total number of infections rose to 101,914, the highest in the Gulf region, while the death toll rose to 712.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has relaxed strict blockade measures, leading to a surge in infections, with more than 3,000 cases per day on Sunday for the second consecutive day.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia announced a new blockade on the city of Jeddah to prevent the annual pilgrimage of Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca in response to the surge in cases.

These measures include curfews from 3 pm to 6 am, suspension of prayers in mosques, and the standby of public and private sector workers served by pilgrims in the Red Sea city.

After the country relaxed its preventive measures in late May, the ministry said that strict measures may also return to Riyadh soon, and Riyadh “witnessed a growing number of critical cases of pandemic in the last few days.”

Saudi Arabia said it will continue to suspend the year-round “pilgrimage” trips to Mecca and Medina due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Islam’s holiest city.

The authorities have not yet announced whether they will continue with the DPRK this year, which is scheduled to be held at the end of July, but Muslims have been urged to temporarily postpone preparations for the annual pilgrimage.

Last year, about 2.5 million faithful believers traveled to Saudi Arabia from all over the world to participate in pilgrimages. All pilgrims must perform at least once in their lives.

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