Saudi King Salman targets Iran during debut at United Nations

Saudi King Salman targets Iran during debut at United Nations


New York/Dubai: Saudi Arabia s King Salman bin Abdulaziz took aim at Iran during his debut on Wednesday at the annual United Nations meeting of world leaders, calling for a comprehensive solution to contain Riyadh s regional rival and stop it from getting weapons of mass destruction.

He said that Iran has used the 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers to “strengthen its expansionist activities, establish its terrorist network, and use terrorism”, adding that this will only produce “chaos, extremism and sectarianism”.

He said in a video statement at a 193-member conference: “Comprehensive solutions and solid international status are needed.” The video statement was pre-recorded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States withdrew from Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2018, and President Donald Trump called it “the worst agreement ever.” Since then, Washington has imposed unilateral sanctions on Tehran and claimed that all countries must also restore UN sanctions in order to push the Islamic Republic to negotiate a new agreement.

French President Macron told the United Nations on Tuesday that Washington’s sanctions against Iran have failed.

All the remaining parties to the nuclear agreement, including long-time U.S. allies, and 13 of the 15 UN Security Council members said that the U.S. claims against UN sanctions are invalid, and diplomats say that few countries are likely to retake These measures.

“Our experience with the Iranian regime has taught us that partial solutions and appeasement did not stop its threats to international peace and security,” King Salman said.

The Iranian UN delegation did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the King’s speech.

Sunni Muslim-majority Saudi Arabia and Shia-dominated Iran have been trapped in several proxy wars in the region, including Yemen, a Saudi-led Houthi movement allied with Tehran for five years. The above confrontation.

Riyadh supports the Trump administration’s anti-Iranian efforts. Last year, Iran condemned Iran’s attack on the country’s oil facilities, and Tehran denied this accusation. Iran denies armed groups in the Middle East, including Husseis, and blames the US and its Gulf allies for the regional tensions.

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