Samsung unveils S21 smartphone lineup, cuts price from last year

Samsung unveils S21 smartphone lineup, cuts price from last year


San Francisco: Samsung released its new Galaxy S21 smartphone product line on Thursday, at a price of approximately $200 lower than the previous generation of flagship phones from the Korean giant.

It was revealed in the streaming media presentation that the S21 device with a 6.2-inch display has begun to accept orders, and the entry price for US customers is $800.

The global smartphone leader also introduced 6.7-inch S21 Plus and advanced S21 Ultra phones with a 6.7-inch display.

“We are living in a mobile-first world, and with so many of us working remotely and spending more time at home, we wanted to deliver a smartphone experience that meets the rigorous multimedia demands of our continuously changing routines,” said TM Roh, head of mobile communications for Samsung Electronics.

The move follows Apple’s decision to largely hold the line on prices for its iPhone while offering a range of handsets at various price points.

Samsung’s new lineup will range up to a $1,200 starting price for its Ultra S21, the most feature-rich device in the group.

The company touted its improved processors and camera technology and new design.

“Samsung somehow found a way to make the slab-with-camera-cutout design more visually interesting than in the past,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst with the research firm Techsponential.

The new phone also provides an edge-to-edge display to make the device lighter and automatically adjusts blue light to reduce eye fatigue.

Greengart said that the new smartphone “looks better in real life than in photos” and “the unique design should not be underestimated as an indicator to show consumers that the phone is different and novel”.

Samsung has been at or near the top of the smartphone market in recent years, and sold about 80 million mobile phones in the third quarter, ahead of Chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi and Apple in the United States.

With the economic turmoil, but consumers are more dependent on their devices, the global coronavirus pandemic has plunged the smartphone market into chaos.

Samsung’s release, on the final day of the digital-only Consumer Electronics Show, comes earlier than usual, according to Greengart and “undercuts Samsung’s main competitor, Apple’s iPhone 12, on price as well.”

“For those who are not price sensitive, Samsung is not forgetting early adopters who are willing to pay above $1,000 for the biggest and best,” the analyst added.

“Anyone coming from a phone from two or three years ago will find the camera, display, and battery improvements significant enough to be worth the upgrade.”

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