Saeed Ghani reviews waste disposal work in Karachi

Saeed Ghani reviews waste disposal work in Karachi


Karachi: The Minister of Education of Sindh Province Saeed Ghani visited different areas of Karachi. Saeed Ghani reviewed the handling of internal organs in different regions. Saeed Ghani is frustrated by the slow progress of work at the dumping point in the Eastern District.

The Provincial Minister of Education Sindh Ghani visited different areas of Karachi and checked the disposal of the remains in different areas after the sacrifice.

Saeed Ghani said on this occasion that despite the government’s ban, sacrifices were still made on the streets and alleys, and the remains were left there.

Saeed Ghani instructed personnel to remove the remains from all roads and streets and take them to the dumping point.

He instructed to continue spraying on the dumping point and its surrounding area. He admitted that many places in the Eastern District lack hygiene. He also instructed to clean up these areas immediately and said that during Eid al-Fitr no negligence will be tolerated to ensure the cleanliness and disposal of all internal organs.

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