Russia launches cargo ship to space station

Russia launches cargo ship to space station


Moscow: Russia successfully launched an unmanned space cargo ship on Wednesday to deliver supplies from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station.

The Roscosmos space agency said in a statement that the Soyuz rocket carrying the Progress spacecraft was launched from the Kazakh grasslands at 2:27 am Moscow time (2327 GMT) and reached the target orbit.

The docking with the International Space Station is scheduled to take place at 0402 (0102 Greenwich Mean Time) on Friday, Moscow time, and will proceed automatically.

Progress MS-17 carries over 470 kg of fuel, 420 liters of water and various other supplies.

The Russian space program is famous for sending humans into space for the first time in 1961 and launching the first satellite Sputnik 1 four years ago. Its achievements are still the main source of national pride.

But in the past decade, the country has experienced a series of setbacks, especially the loss of expensive satellites and Progress supply ships.

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