Rupee declines 2 paisa against US dollar

Rupee declines 2 paisa against US dollar


The exchange rate of Pakistani rupee slides down 2 paisa against the US dollar in the interbank trading on Wednesday and closed at Rs 165.60 as compared to the last closing of Rs165.62.

However, according to the Pakistan Foreign Exchange Association, the buying and selling prices of US dollars on the open market are 165 rupees and 166.5 rupees respectively.

The State Bank of Pakistan reported that in interbank trading, the price of euro depreciated by Rs 1.87 and closed at Rs 196.43 against the last day s trading of Rs 198.26.

The yen fell by one pizza at Rs 1.55, while the exchange rate of the British pound fell by Rs 1.37. Compared with the closing price of Rs 222.23 on the previous trading day, its exchange rate was Rs 220.86.

The exchange rates of the Saudi Riyal and the UAE Dirham also fell by 01 paisa, closing at 44.15 rupees and 45.08 rupees respectively.

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