Rupee appreciates against dollar

Rupee appreciates against dollar


Islamabad: In Friday’s inter-bank transaction, the exchange rate of the Pakistani rupee appreciated by 43 paisa to the US dollar.

The inter-bank transaction closed at 165.97 rupees, while the last closing price was 166.40 rupees.

However, according to the statistics of the Pakistan Foreign Exchange Association, the buying and selling prices of US dollars on the open market are 165.50 rupees and 166.50 rupees respectively.

The National Bank of Pakistan reported that in inter-bank transactions, the price of the euro depreciated 41 paisas to close at 196.44 rupees.

The yen closed at 1.54 rupees today, while the pound exchange rate fell by 2.50 rupees. Compared with the last closing price of 216.50 rupees, the pound exchange rate was 214.00 rupees.

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