RSS ideology is threat for Indian Muslims and other minorities: PM Imran 1

RSS ideology is threat for Indian Muslims and other minorities: PM Imran


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that the RSS ideology of India is a threat to Muslims and other minorities. He urged the international community to intervene and avoid any serious situation in South Asia as the Modi regime in India pursued hate ideology in the region.

He said at a meeting in Islamabad on Thursday evening that India is committing atrocities against the Kashmiri people to succumb to their illegal actions in occupied Kashmir. He said that thousands of people were besieged for more than 100 days in occupied Kashmir.

He said that communication is completely blocked in the valley and that the Indian army absorbs young people.

With regard to Afghanistan, the Prime Minister stated that peace in Afghanistan is not only beneficial for Pakistan, but also for the entire region, in particular the Central Asian Republic. He said that Pakistan plays its own role in peace in Afghanistan because there is no military solution to this problem and it needs to be solved politically.

Imran Khan also said that Pakistan is also working to ensure that there is no conflict in the region, and that Pakistan is also establishing peace with the leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia in a fraternal Muslim country.

The Prime Minister said that in addition to efforts to ensure peace in the region, we are also opening our country to investors, tourists and other activities.

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