Resolving media industry problems govt’s top priority: Shibli Faraz

Resolving media industry problems govt’s top priority: Shibli Faraz


Islamabad: Senator Shibli Faraz, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said on Monday that solving the problem of journalists and media workers is the top priority of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government because it firmly believes in free speech Basic rights.

At a meeting held with the head of the office of the Pakistan Newspaper Editorial Committee (CPNE) through a video link, the minister said that payment of arrears to media agencies began today, which will reduce the burden on the media industry and workers. The payment of membership fees will be linked to the wages paid by news organizations to journalists and media workers.

He also said that the government is planning to develop a mechanism so that media workers will no longer face the problem of timely payment of dues.

The minister said that the government ’s regional newspaper advertising quota is a top priority, because many well-known journalists have emerged from small newspapers.

The minister said that transparency will be ensured in the affairs of the ABC. He also assured that the news agency ’s problems would be resolved.

He said that after Aidur Fit, another meeting with CPNE will be held to decide these matters by consensus. During the meeting, the CPNE delegation briefed the Minister of Information on issues related to the media industry.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Akbar Durrani and Chief Information Officer Shaheera Shahid also attended the meeting.

CPNE Chairman Arif Nizami, Secretary General Jabbar Khattak and Vice Presidents Ikram Sehgal and SK Niazi participated in the video conference.

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