Reopening of Sindh's schools slated for September 21 delayed by a week: Saeed Ghani

Reopening of Sindh’s schools slated for September 21 delayed by a week: Saeed Ghani


Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani announced on Friday that the school has postponed the reopening of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 because it is observed that these educational institutions Failure to implement safety procedures.

Gani said that if the COVID-19 situation improves, students in these grades will be required to return to school on September 28. He said that during this period, the provincial government will understand how to better implement the following SOPs.

“Our purpose is not to shut down schools permanently […] we simply seek for them to mend their ways when we see they are not fulfilling their responsibility. They should follow through with the commitments made.

“And the following of safety protocols is not to be done for our satisfaction. Our children go to these schools. It is a question of their health and safety,” the education minister underscored.

Ghani said that children’s health cannot be saved to save the school’s losses and the children’s learning disabilities accumulated since the outbreak.

The minister said that the decision will be reviewed before September 28. “I will get in touch with the Federal Minister and call for an inter-provincial Council of Ministers of Education meeting to make a unified decision nationwide.”

Ghana also requires the media to promote the awareness of parents, children and the public and make them “sensitive” as a whole to properly follow COVID-19 prevention measures.

“We want schools to reopen but when they do, we should be free of any worry that if they do go to school they will not be so exposed to the risk of catching any illness.”

The education minister said that government schools, although were not taking full precautions, “the situation was much better there”.

“At the same time I will say, not all private schools performed poorly in abiding by the rules. I came away quite impressed by some of them [in the way protocols were followed]. I was very satisfied. Some, however, were completely violating safety protocols,” Ghani said.

He said that in light of this shameless violation of the law, four schools were blocked yesterday and three of them “not even registered.”

The Minister of Education said that between September 12 and 17, “14,544 tests were conducted, of which about 11,000 reports are still waiting.” He was referring to a question raised by a reporter asking about 88 new COVID-19 cases found among school teachers.

Regarding a question, why did the PPP chairman “launch a rally” when the coronavirus situation is so unstable, Ghani clarified that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari only visited affected by the flood Such as Murpurkhas and Hyderabad.

“This was also an important task. He did not take out any rallies.”

“Yes, marketplaces and cinemas are open, rallies and religious processions were carried out. But you have a choice in the matter. When it comes to schools, many children simply do not have the choice to not attend. 

“When a child has to go to school, it is the government’s responsibility as well as that of parents to decide what is better for him,” he stressed.

At the provincial education minister meeting held earlier this month, it was decided to reopen the school in stages starting from September 15.

The source said that the ministers recommended that schools gradually open from the 9th grade and all universities open on September 15 and then reopen as planned.

The sixth to eighth classes will resume on September 21. Pre-kindergarten and elementary school courses are scheduled to resume on September 30.

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) said earlier today that it has closed 10 educational institutions in KP and 3 educational institutions in Sindh Province due to violations of the government’s standard operating procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the past 24 hours, the province has reported 752 new coronavirus infections and another 9 deaths.

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