'Relationship with Pakistan is a very good one,' Trump addresses India rally 1

‘Relationship with Pakistan is a very good one,’ Trump addresses India rally


Ahmedabad: US President Donald Trump received a great welcome to the world’s largest democracy on Monday, held a large gathering on a large cricket ground and made his first official visit to India. There are many photography opportunities for this visit, but they may lack substantial support.

Trump’s ‘American priority’ campaign goes against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s protectionist slogan ‘Made in India’ and trade tensions between the United States and India, the fourth largest economy in the world, have increased.

While it shared its concern about China and deepened its defense relationship with China, India angered Trump’s proposals to mediate a dispute with Pakistani Kashmir, and Washington was concerned about citizenship being criticized as anti-Muslim.

Trump and First Lady Melania visited the Gujarat state of Modi and visited the rehearsal room of the independent hero Mahatma Gandhi, where Modi presented him with the words “No Evil, No Evil, No Speech”. Sage monkey statue.

The billionaire and the tea-selling son then went to the new cricket ground – the world’s largest cricket ground – where Trump paid tribute to around 100,000 people.

“Relations with Pakistan are very good. Thanks to these efforts, we are beginning to see signs of significant progress with Pakistan, and we want to reduce tension and strengthen a stable and harmonious future for all countries in South Asia.” Donald Trump he said.

Excited spectators stood in line for the Namaste Trump rally from 4 a.m. and held the “Howdy Modi” event in Houston last year. Workers hastily completed the stadium, which the locals called a wall to cover the slums. Stray dogs, cows and monkeys were also sent away.

Later on Monday, Trump and Melania flew off-white jumpsuits, an Indian belt with her husband, his usual suit and tie to the Taj Mahal for sunset, and then on Tuesday’s main official for the talks.

According to UNESCO, part of the white marble “Gem of Muslim Art” was painted with mud to remove stains while working to reduce the odor of adjacent rivers.

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