RAW behind recent terror activities in Karachi, reveals CTD

RAW behind recent terror activities in Karachi, reveals CTD


Karachi: Officials of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) revealed on Friday that the Research and Analysis Department (RAW) of the Indian Intelligence Agency was involved in the recent terrorist activities at the economic center of the country.

Officials from the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) said that RAW used mediators after going abroad for training, adding that prohibited organizations, nationalists and MQM-London had joined hands in terrorist activities in Karachi.

The officials further said that the nationalist organisation attacked Ehsaas Program with support from the MQM London.

The officials went on to say that the elements of the Indian intelligence agency was providing help in various ways to create terrorists, adding that noose has been tightened against those who send people abroad for training for the past eight years.

According to officials, the infamous RAW provided funds to the people of MQM-London, the Lyari Gang War and other militant organizations, the purpose of which was to carry out religious and political killings in Karachi.

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