Ramzan mills case: NAB court extends Hamza Shahbaz’s judicial remand till Dec 23


LAHORE: Accountability court on Thursday has extended judicial remand of Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz in Ramzan Sugar Mills case till December 23.

According to the detailed introduction, strict security measures were taken on occasion to prevent adverse events.

Earlier, the court authorized the National Accountability Office (NAB) to interrogate prosecution charges against Hamza Shahbaz, a senior politician from the Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

On June 11, after the Lahore Supreme Court (LHC) rejected his request for an interim bail extension, Hamza arrested supervisors in the same case.

At a hearing on 11 June, Salman Butt, Hamza’s defense lawyer, argued that the National Bank Act did not allow the agency to issue arrest warrants unless the matter was investigated. Judge Naqvi said in this regard that a judgment would be given in accordance with the constitution and that justice would be guaranteed.

In addition, prosecutors have submitted complete data on the assets of Shahbaz Sharif’s family members to the court, stating that their assets exceed their known source of income.

He added: “Billions of rupees have been added to the Shehbaz family property and Hamza cannot provide details about the source of income.”

National Australia Bank further informed the bank that its assets turned out to be worth Rs 410 crore in 2018, and it was unable to prove assets worth Rs 380 crore. The money was looted to Dubai and England, with 40 people were involved.

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