Qatar won't take 'responsibility' for Kabul airport without Taliban agreement

Qatar won’t take ‘responsibility’ for Kabul airport without Taliban agreement


Doha: Qatar warned on Tuesday that Qatar will not be held responsible for Kabul Airport if it does not reach a “clear” agreement with all relevant parties, including the Taliban, on its operations.

After the withdrawal of US troops last month, Doha has become an important intermediary in Afghanistan, helping to evacuate thousands of foreigners and Afghans, contacting the new Taliban ruler and supporting operations at Kabul Airport.

“We need to make sure that everything is addressed very clearly otherwise… we are not able to take any responsibility of the airport (if) all these things are not addressed,” Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said at a press briefing.

“Right now the status is still (under) negotiation.”

Since the US pullout, Qatar Airways planes have made several trips to Kabul, flying in aid and Doha’s representatives and ferrying out foreign passport holders.

With the Taliban regaining power, the United States hurriedly airlifted more than 120,000 people from Kabul, ending the two-year US intervention in Afghanistan.

The United States withdrew its last troops from Afghanistan on August 30, ending the longest war before the anniversary of the attack that led to its invasion on September 11, 2001.

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