Putin seeks to mend relations with US in summit with Biden 1

Putin seeks to mend relations with US in summit with Biden


St. Petersburg: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he will hope to repair the damaged relations between Russia and the United States during the first summit with President Joe Biden.

The face-to-face meeting held in Geneva on June 16 coincided with the biggest crisis in the relationship between the two countries in years. The relationship between the two countries was strained due to a series of issues including hacker accusations, human rights and election interference allegations.

“We need to find ways to regularise these relations,” Putin told the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, adding that bilateral ties are currently at a “low level”.

The main meetings of the forum are usually attended by other world leaders. The Russian President was alone on stage on Friday, the host and the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Qatar Emil Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Alsa Nepal participated through the video link.

“We have no disagreements with the United States,” Putin said. “They only have one disagreement: they want to hold back our development, they talk about it publicly.”

Putin said that Washington’s motives are “mystery”, but that Russia’s policy is being formed “under the influence of the internal political process” of the United States.

Since taking office in January this year, Biden has increased the pressure on the Kremlin, and his remarks comparing Putin as a “killer” have been severely criticized in Moscow.

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