Punjab IG declares news regarding arrest of rapists fake

Punjab IG declares news regarding arrest of rapists fake


LAHORE: Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani Saturday declared different news on media and social media regarding arrest of rapists in the motorway case as fake and contrary to facts.

Inam Ghani said that no criminals have been arrested. IG stated that I myself am monitoring the investigation and will share the news of success.

“Such unverified news not only affect the interrogations but also mislead people. The pictures of the victim and the criminals making rounds on social media are also fake. Media should act responsibly and not share any news without verification. People should trust us. We will arrest the culprits.”

The police arrested ten suspects involved in serious crimes during an operation near the village of Carroll and transferred them to unknown places for investigation, which further developed the case.

The suspect will be tested for DNA. SSP survey Zeeshan Asghar said that it will take at least five days to get test results. So far, the authorities have collected samples of 53 suspects.

The police will today submit a preliminary report to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Bouzdar. CM also convened an investigation team to report.

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