Punjab Food Minister Samiullah Chaudhry resigns after meeting CM Buzdar 1

Punjab Food Minister Samiullah Chaudhry resigns after meeting CM Buzdar


Samiullah Chaudhry, Punjab ’s food minister, resigned on Monday because it allegedly took no action to reform the food industry.

Chaudhry said in his resignation that he resigned after meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdal.

The provincial food minister said in the letter that he faced allegations that he could not carry out sector reforms, adding that he would not hold any government positions until the allegations were lifted.

He wrote: “I am willing to sacrifice thousands of such ministries to complete Imran Khan’s agenda.”

The governor said the allegations were unfounded, and he said he voluntarily stepped back.

The letter stated that the Minister is willing to make statements on the accountability system in each forum.

After Samiullah Chaudhry resigned, government sources informed that Dera Ghazi Khan Naseem Sadiq, a secret service officer related to the department, was appointed.

The source said that in 2019, Sadiq served as the Minister of Food Punjab (Punjab), adding that he personally sent an appointment request to CM Punjab.

The source also said that Punjab Zafar Iqbal, the head of the Food Authority, has also been appointed as the OSD official of the Provincial Food Department.

Before the Punjab Minister resigned, a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated that senior PTI members were among those who have benefited from the country’s recent sugar crisis.

Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered an investigation into the crisis in February. Among the people mentioned in the FIA ​​report are the brothers of Jahangir Tareen and State Food Security Minister Khusro Bakhtiar.

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