Punjab Food Minister Aleem Khan contracts coronavirus

Punjab Food Minister Aleem Khan contracts coronavirus


Lahore: Provincial Minister Abdul Aleem Khan is the newest member of the Punjab government. The country has tested positive for the coronavirus. Yesterday there were two more ministers.

On Friday, Abdul Aleem Khan, Minister of Food of Punjab Province and senior leader of the PTI, was tested for the coronavirus after becoming unwell. After confirming the contraction, Aleem Khan isolated himself.

Yesterday, it was reported that two cabinet ministers of Punjab, Manslam Iqbal and Hussein Jahaniya Gadz, ministers of industry, commerce and investment, also contracted the virus.

In addition to them, Chairman P&D, Punjab Parliament Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhatti (Muhammad Khan Bhatti) and Food Minister Asad Gilani (Asad Gilani) also hold positive views on Covid.

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