Punjab entering new era of development: CM Buzdar

Punjab entering new era of development: CM Buzdar


Lahore: Thanks to the prudent economic policies of the PTI government, Punjab is entering a new era of development and prosperity.

In a statement, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said a 66 per cent increase had been made in the development budget valuing Rs. 560 billion and a composite roadmap of genuine development introduced.

He added that he also consulted with parliamentarians to complete the annual development plan and allocated 25 billion rupees to large-scale projects through a public-private partnership model.

CM announced the provision of free medical insurance for 100% of the population of Punjab, and added that universal medical insurance is a flagship initiative of the PTI government.

Similarly, CM stated that the wages and pensions of government employees have increased by 10%, and a special allowance of 25% is provided to employees in the 1st to 19th levels.

He regretted that the opposition was not interested in the development of the people and pointed out that development was only shown in papers while the masses yearned for development around them.

The past rulers had bankrupted the province with their wrong policies and exhibitory projects, he said.

PTI inherited the economy that was hit hard in 2018 and had to make difficult decisions to stabilize the economy. CM concluded that these steps are now producing positive results.

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