PTI’s petition against Ali Haider Gillani fixed for hearing by ECP


Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has confirmed that it has heard Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) petition against the leaked video of Ali Haider Gilani.

The Election Commission will hear the matter on March 11. The petition was filed in the ECP by PTI leaders Kanwal Shauzab and Farrukh Habib.

On the other hand, PTI leader Faisal Javed, while reacting to the leaked video, said that Articles 156, 167 and 168 of the Election Act 2017 were violated during the election process.

In a tweet on Friday, Faisal Javed said that illegal and corrupt practices in the election process are strictly prohibited. Giving bribes to a candidate falls under the category of corrupt practice, he added.

He wrote that Maryam Nawaz and Ali Haider Gilani had seriously violated the 2017 Election Law; Maryam’s statement of using votes to attract voters is The greatest basis for action against her.

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