PTI suspends Hamid Khan’s membership


ISLAMABAD: The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday suspended senior lawyer Hamid Khan’s basic party membership and issued to him a show cause notice for “defaming and maligning” the party through his statements on print and electronic media.

PTI Secretary-General Amir Mehmood Kiyani gave a reason for implementation and asked Mr. Khan to explain his position in writing within 7 days.

According to the detailed information, the reason for the exhibition was sent to Hamid following the instructions of Kazakh Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Khalid is also the chairman of PTI.

Hamid Khan, one of the founders of the PTI and a member of the team that wrote the first constitution of the PTI, recently accused the party of participating in the work of the “agency” for a television show.

Mr Khan had previously disagreed with the leadership of the party in accepting ordinary clothing in the party, claiming that such a temptation would undermine the party’s basic ideology.

“Imran Khan, the party’s signatory and chairman, points out that you have repeatedly argued and slandered the party in printed and electronic media, and have spoken sincerity on the basis of false and false accusations.” Mr. Khan was notified of the reason for the notification.

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