PTI seats to increase in Senate election, says Sheikh Rashid

PTI seats to increase in Senate election, says Sheikh Rashid


Lahore: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has predicted that one seat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will be increased in the Senate election.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said at a press conference in Lahore that no one has turned his back on Imran Khan. The Senate election will add one or two seats to the PTI.

He said that those who think Imran Khan is going to the Supreme Court are because he is worried about losing votes, but PTI’s seats in Punjab will increase rather than decrease.

The Minister of the Interior said that Fazlur Rehman wasted a lot of time in this country in the name of Israel and Kashmir because no one had the courage to oppose these things in Pakistan.

Regarding the FIA, the Minister said that the FIA ​​needs to do a lot of work, and to make it fully functional, NADRA and the FIA ​​will need time to improve.

He said that Shebaz Sharif’s case is serious and the evidence will determine the case.

He said that there are more children in a madrassa than protest outside the Election Commission. We have no problem from protest but in the same way as the PDM protested outside the Election Commission.

Bilawal Bhutto has come of age, he has rightly said about no confidence motion. When Bilawal start telling truth, the media in Lahore puts up barriers, he alleged.

Replying to a question regarding Broadsheet, Sheikh Rashid said that Justice (Retd) Azmat Saeed is a very respectable name. Whoever found guilty in this matter should be held accountable.

Sheikh Rashid said that Broadsheet is going to be Panama II, a lot will come out within a month.

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