PTA's ban on TikTok challenged in Sindh High Court

PTA’s ban on TikTok challenged in Sindh High Court


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s ban on video sharing app TikTok has been challenged in the Sindh High Court.

According to the petitioner, there are 20 million TikTok users in Pakistan, and the ban violates Article 19 of the Constitution.

Article 19 states: “Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and speech, and the press should also enjoy freedom of the press, but for the glory or integrity of Islam, security or defense, it shall be subject to any reasonable restrictions provided by law. Pakistan or Any part of it is related to friendly relations with foreign countries, public order, dignity or morality, or is related to the court, [filed] or incited crime.”

The petitioner pointed out that anyone who abuses the application should be punished and his ID will be blocked. He added: “It is unreasonable to block the entire application.”

He has asked SHC to intervene and lift the ban on TikTok. His petition was heard on October 15.

PTA, TikTok negotiations continue

Meanwhile, negotiations between PTA and TikTok continue online today.

Discussed how to modify the current “illegal” content in Pakistani law to comply with the rules.

The representative of TikTok briefly introduced the application’s efforts to review such content.

According to PTA, the representative also introduced the company’s future strategy in detail.

The PTA statement stated that the chairman asked Pakistan’s TikTok to submit a specific timetable for the proposed measures it intends to take.

Both TikTok and PTA expressed their determination to continue negotiations to reach a solution acceptable to both parties.

The PTA chairman said: “It will ensure a safe Internet experience for users in Pakistan.”

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