PTA lifts ban on PUBG

PTA lifts ban on PUBG


ISLAMABAD: Keeping in view the positive engagement and response of the company, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday lifted ban on the most popular online game Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

According to the detailed information, PTA held a meeting with the legal representative of Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB). PB officials briefed the authorities on the PTA’s questions about the control measures PB took to prevent abuse of the gaming platform.

PTA expressed satisfaction with the measures PB has taken so far and emphasized its continued participation and establishment of a comprehensive control mechanism.

Taking to the social networking website, Twitter, a spokesperson for PTA said that representative of the PUBG welcomed their feedback on the issue and assured that the concerns of PTA would be taken into account.

Earlier on July 27, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) stated that the Battlefield Unknown (PUBG) for online gamers will remain blocked in the country until the investigation into the suicide case related to the game is completed.

In a briefing to a meeting of the Standing Committee on Information Technology of the National Assembly, the PTA website DG stated that the court has not ordered the lifting of the ban on PUBG.

In answering a question, the Director-General once stated that PTA blocked more than 14,000 proxy sites to ensure that online games are prohibited. He once said that they hope to include PUBG into the regulatory framework.

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