PSX records fresh gains, 100-index increases by 329.41 points

PSX records fresh gains, 100-index increases by 329.41 points


Islamabad: On Friday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed a bullish trend. The KSE 100 index closed at 37,330.85 points, compared to 37,001.44 points on the previous working day, a change of 329.41 points (0.89%).

The total volume of transactions was 466,058,521 shares, while the previous day’s transaction was 402,589,774 shares, while the value of shares traded on the same day was 15.836 billion rupees, compared with 160.66 billion rupees on the previous trading day.

As many as 386 companies trade stocks on the stock market, 265 of which recorded gains, while 104 suffered sustained losses, while 17 companies’ stock prices remained unchanged.

The top three companies by trading volume are: Haskell Gasoline (87,258,000 shares, Rs 13.86 per share), Lottee Chemical (Rs. 24,856,500), Rs 11.42 per share, and Unity Foods LtdXR stock (price 22,147,500 rupees, price per share). The share is Rs 11.91.

Philip Morris Pak’s highest record was 128.95 rupees per share, closing at 1879.95 rupees, while Sapphire Tex ranked second with an increase of 67 rupees per share, closing at 979 rupees.

Inland Textile’s highest decline was 97.86 rupees per share, closing at 1206.92 rupees, while Ismail Ind shares fell 27.29 rupees, closing at 336.71 rupees.

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