PSX maintains rally as index gains 353.58 points

PSX maintains rally as index gains 353.58 points


Karachi: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) reversed and witnessed the bullish trend on Tuesday. The KSE 100 index closed at 34,158.55 points, while the previous working day was 33,804.97 points, with a positive change of 353.58 points (1.05%).

A total of 247,798,639 shares were traded, compared with 261,966,059 shares traded the day before, while the value of stocks traded on the day was Rs 104.88 crore compared to Rs 72.79 crore the previous trading day.

As many as 357 companies trade stocks on the stock market, of which 182 have recorded gains and 151 have sustained losses, while the stock prices of 24 companies have remained unchanged.

The top three trading companies are Hascol Petrol (Hascol Petrol) with a trading volume of 31,662,500 shares at a price of Rs 14.41 per share; TRG Pak Ltd with a trading volume of 15,999,500 and a price of Rs 25.55 per share; Maple Leaf , The transaction volume is 12,746,500, the price per share. Rs 26.17.

Nestlé Pakistan XD’s highest record was 116.25 rupees per share, closing at 7050 rupees. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. ranked second with an increase of 71.20 rupees, closing at 1020.54 rupees.

Unilever FoodsXD’s highest record was 499 rupees per share, with a closing price of 9,100 rupees, while the price of Rahan Corn dropped by 299 rupees, with a closing price of 7100 rupees.

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