PSX loses 163.43 points to close at 40029.69 points

PSX loses 163.43 points to close at 40029.69 points


Karachi: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed a bearish trend. KSE-100 closed at 40029.69 points, compared with 40166.12 points in the previous working day, with a negative change of 163.43 points (-0.34%).

Raza Jaffary, head of InterMarket’s Securities and Equities Department, said on Friday that due to the continued rains in the country, there has been some negative sentiment in the market, which may affect production in certain industries.

“Investors offloaded some potions to take the profits and stay at a safe-side during weekend and monsoon rains”, he said adding such situation might prevail for some sessions but not for long-term as the government was easing lockdown which would boost the economic activities in the country.

According to data from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), the total trading volume was 728,768,095, while the value of stocks traded on that day was 23,005,132,579.

As many as 402 companies have conducted stock transactions on the stock market. Among the 197 types of gains and 188 types of sustained losses recorded, the stock prices of 17 companies remained unchanged on the day.

The top three company in terms of trading volume is WorldCall Telecom, with a trading volume of 144,414,000 shares of Pak Int. There are 52,630,500 in bulk, while Unity Foods Ltd has 50,407,000.

Bata (Pak) has the highest increase of 108.67 per share to close at 1557.67, while Unilever Foods has the highest decrease of 575.00, or 8655.00 per share.

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