PSX gains 679.42 points to close at 44,434 points

PSX gains 679.42 points to close at 44,434 points


Islamabad: On Friday, the KSE-100 index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (psx) continued to maintain a bullish trend, rising 679.42 points, or 1.55%, from the last working day’s closing at 44,434 points to 43,755.38 points.

A total of 642,622,037 shares were traded that day, compared with 578,250,758 shares in the previous day’s trading volume, and the stock price was 273.03 billion rupees, compared to 23.780 billion rupees the previous day.

As many as 406 companies have conducted stock transactions on the stock market, of which 214 companies have realized gains, of which 178 have suffered sustained losses, while the stock prices of 14 companies have remained unchanged.

The top three companies are Power Cement, with a trading volume of 35,837,500 shares, at a price of Rs 9.88 per share; Hascol gasoline, with a trading volume of 35,483,395 at a price of 14.69 Rs per share, and Pak Refinery, with a trading volume of 33,644,000, at a price per share The share price is 23.79 rupees.

Unilever Foods’ highest record was 500 rupees per share and closed at 14,500 rupees, while Colgate Palm ranked second with an increase of 80 rupees per share, closing at 2,980 rupees.

Nestlé Pakistan’s biggest drop was 37.51 rupees per share to close at 6,627.50 rupees, while Bata (PK) shares fell 21.31 rupees to close at 1510.53 rupees.

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