PSX gains 613.17 points to close at 39,871.61 points

PSX gains 613.17 points to close at 39,871.61 points


Karachi: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed a bullish trend. KSE-100 closed at 39,871.61 points, a change of 613.17 points (1.56%) from 39,258.44 points in the previous working day.

Raza Jaffari, head of InterMarket Securities Karachi’s stock department, said the cement sector led the rise in the stock market. He said that the market expects sales in the cement industry to increase.

He told us that Maple Leaf Cement, Power Cement, Fujian Cement and DG Khan Cement are still the most traded stocks on the market.

According to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), the total trading volume was 539,315,249, while the value of the stocks traded on that day was 25,820,568,728.

As many as 412 companies traded in the stock market. Among the 286 types of gains and 110 types of sustained losses recorded, the stock prices of 16 companies remained unchanged on the day.

The three companies with the largest trading volume are: Maple Leaf Cement (34,912,500 shares), Power Cement (32,593,500 shares) and TRG Pak Ltd (29,894,000).

Rafhan Maize’s highest increase was 450.00 per share to close at 7950.00, while Mari Petroleum’s highest decline was 23.75 per share to close at 1350.30.

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