Protests at White House over black man's death in police custody

Protests at White House over black man’s death in police custody


Washington: In Minneapolis on Friday, hundreds of people furiously protested the death of an African-American in a police detention center, rallying outside the White House in tense scenes. This situation has spread to several places across the United States. Cities.

During the protest, President Donald Trump was in the building, gathered in a park opposite the White House, and dozens of Secret Service agents lined up next to the roadblock.

The demonstrators waved the slogan “Stop killing us” and called on George Freud to do justice. George Freud died Monday after a white police officer pressed his knee to Freud ’s neck without handcuffs and handcuffs.

Serious conflicts were basically avoided outside the White House, and demonstrators marched along the streets of Washington to the US Capitol.

Floyd’s violent arrests and deaths were spread by videotape, and spread the deep trauma suffered by the country due to racial inequality.

The arrest and charges of the third-degree murder of the Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin apparently did not alleviate the anger in Minneapolis, as the three days of violent commotion shook the city.

The protesters were still on the street on Friday night to protest the curfew at 8pm (0100 GMT).

The protests also spread to New York, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Jose and Memphis.

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