Prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh assassinated

Prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh assassinated


Dubai: According to official Iranian media reports, on Friday, Iran has long suspected that Iranian nuclear scientists who planned a secret atomic weapons program in the West were assassinated near Tehran.

Iranian media reported that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh died of casualties in the hospital after an armed assassin opened fire on his car.

The West of Iran’s civilian rulers, Israel and Iran’s exiles have long referred to Fahriad as the leader of the “secret atomic bomb project,” which was terminated in 2003. Iran has long refused to seek plans to weaponize nuclear energy.

“Unfortunately, the medical team did not succeed in reviving (Fakhrizadeh), and a few minutes ago, this manager and scientist achieved the high status of martyrdom after years of effort and struggle,” Iran s armed forces said in a statement carried by state media.

The semi-official news agency Tasnim said earlier that “terrorists blew up another car” before firing on a vehicle carrying Fakhrizadeh and his bodyguards in an ambush outside the capital.

Fakhrizadeh is thought to have headed what the U.N. nuclear watchdog and U.S. intelligence services believe was a coordinated nuclear weapons programme in Iran, shelved in 2003.

In the 2015 “final assessment” of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he was the only Iranian scientist on the unresolved issue of Iran’s nuclear program and whether it was designed to develop a nuclear bomb.

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