President visits National Assembly to review arrangements for session-UTV Pakistan

President visits National Assembly to review arrangements for session


Islamabad: President Arif Alvi instructed that social isolation should be maintained at the upcoming National Assembly meeting to ensure that parliamentarians and staff are protected from coronavirus threats.

During his visit to the National Assembly, the Vice-President of the National Assembly, Kassim Khan Suri, and NATO officials were informed of the arrangements for the meeting to be held on Monday.

The President visited the Great Hall of the People, reviewed the preparations for the meeting, and instructed members to comply with safety guidelines and to sit on each other ’s seat. He expressed satisfaction with the arrangement of the meeting.

The deputy speaker said he also requested a Senate meeting and added that during the meeting, health and safety guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus will be followed.

In the briefing, it was informed that the National Assembly Committee ’s recommendation to hold a meeting during COVID-19 will be implemented.

According to the committee’s recommendation, more medical staff will be deployed during the meeting.

The special pass will be issued to the media staff and allocated to the conference according to the recommendations of the Congress Reporters Association.

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