Preparations underway to enforce uniform syllabus across Pakistan

Preparations underway to enforce uniform syllabus across Pakistan


Karachi: As the provincial governments have been instructed to publish books recommended by the federal authorities, they are preparing to implement a unified syllabus policy across the country.

According to Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, no school or seminary would be allowed to continue with their own curriculum, when the uniform syllabus would be introduced in the country.

Murad Raas, Minister of Schools and Education in Punjab Province, said that the changes in the syllabus will be made public soon.

“We have taken all stakeholders including private school owners into confidence over the matter,” he said adding that they would enforce it after addressing all reservations.

On March 19, briefing Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the implementation of uniform syllabus across the country, the education ministry briefed that the process involved a working group comprising professionals and experts along with assistance from academics in Cambridge and Agha Khan boards and LUMS.

This is a declaration by the PTI government to implement a unified curriculum across the country,” said an official from the Ministry of Education, led by Minister Shafqat Mahmood, when sharing with the prime minister a timetable for the full implementation of the plan.

They said: “The curricula currently prepared until the fifth grade will take effect from March 2021,” they added, adding that the syllabus for the sixth to eighth grades will be completed in March 2021 and will start from March 2022. Begin execution.

They further stated that the unified syllabus for grades 9 to 12 will be completed in March 2022 and will take effect in March 2023.

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