213 Palestinians martyred in Israeli barbarism amid no sign of abating

‘Pray for us’: Hamas official urges Pakistan to raise its voice against Israel


Gaza City: Hamas calls on Pakistan to raise its voice against Israeli atrocities against Palestinian Muslims.

The leader of Hamas said that Israeli airstrikes have killed 43 Palestinians so far, adding that so far, 23 people have lost the most lives in Beit Hanoun, a city on the northeastern edge of the Gaza Strip.

He confirmed the number of injured persons, which was 300 at the time.

In a letter to the Pakistanis, Hamas officials asked them to pray.

“Happy Eid to Pakistani people, pray for us,” he said, making an appeal for for relief operations.

Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated overnight, with at least 43 Palestine Muslims killed in Gaza and five people killed in Israel in the most intensive aerial exchanges for years.

By the early hours of Wednesday morning, Israel had carried out hundreds of air strikes in Gaza.

One multi-storey residential building in Gaza collapsed, and the other was severely damaged by Israeli air strikes.

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