PPP should not be compared with 'incompetent' PTI: Saeed Ghani

PPP should not be compared with ‘incompetent’ PTI: Saeed Ghani


Karachi: Saeed Ghani, the Minister of Education of Sindh Province, referred to PTI as an incompetent party and said that PPP should not be compared to it.

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi, Ghani said, “We know what we have to do ourselves, and what needs the approval of our leadership. We want to work with everyone for the development of the province.”

Saeed Ghani attacked the federal government and said that first, the price of natural gas rose, and then after being criticized, even if the government itself had approved it, an investigation committee was established. Since then, drug prices have also risen, but the minister was fired.

He said that the government also increased the value of the US dollar. “Asad Umar himself admitted that he, the SBP Governor and the Prime Minister were aware of this decision”, he said.

The PPP leader said that Imran Khan himself is the Minister of Commerce, the ECC summary came with his will but when the matter reached the cabinet, he asked who was responsible.

The provincial minister requested that if Hamad Azhar gives a summary without the approval of the prime minister, he should be expelled. He added, but if not, it should be given to those who approve early.

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