Power outage in Peshawar irks citizens

Power outage in Peshawar irks citizens


Peshawar: People in Peshawar are suffering from prolonged power outages in the city. As people can’t stand the hot weather, the situation gets worse after the power outage.

According to detailed information, due to the failure of the Peshawar municipal electricity website, half of the city’s cities have no electricity in the past 12 hours, and the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) has failed to provide electricity to the affected areas through other means.

As people encounter difficulties in their daily lives, the long-term power outage in Peshawar has plunged people into endless suffering.

The residents of affected areas staged a protest at the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) and blocked the road by burning tyres. They also demanded of the PESCO to restore electricity.

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