Re-polling in LA-16 Bagh underway

Polling for PS-70 by-election in Badin underway


Badin: The voting for the PS-70 Matli (Badin II) by-election for the Sindh Provincial Assembly will be held today (Thursday).

The polling was started at 8:00 am and will continue without any break till 5:00 pm. There are six candidates in the run for the by election. The real contest is expected between PPP candidate Haji Muhammad Dada Halipota and JUI s Maulana Gul Hassan.

According to Election Commission, 123 polling stations have been set up in the constituency for 166,809 registered voters who are exercising their right to vote during today’s polling.

The instructions issued by the Election Commission said that all presiding officers of PS-70 Matli (Badin II) are required to provide signed Form-45 to the polling agents.

Police and forest rangers were deployed in all 123 polling stations. The host must always maintain the location service on the mobile phone and show the picture of Form 45 to the agent.

During the delivery of election materials and voting period, the implementation of Corona SOP was ensured. A control room was established to monitor and complain about the PS-70 by-election.

ECP said that separate control rooms have been set up in Karachi and the Office of the Returning Officer.

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