Police stun Americans -- by taking a knee with protesters

Police stun Americans — by taking a knee with protesters


Washington: This is an image that surprised and moved Americans: For decades, the police knelt down with the protesters in the widest civil strife and shocked the United States-this is in response to the anti-racial condemnation condemned by President Donald Trump Attitude.

As Trump urged to crack down on violent protests about the death of George Floyd, police officers from New York to Los Angeles to Houston expressed solidarity with the demonstrators because of a recent attempted freehand The black people felt indignant when they died in police custody.

“I took off my helmet and put down my baton. Where do you want to go? We walked all night,” Chris Swanson, a white sheriff in Flint, Michigan, shouted to a group of protesters on Saturday.

Then Swanson did so, and began to walk with them, applauding them. He even took a group photo with a young black protester and gave a thumbs up gesture.

In Des Moines, Iowa, police chief Dana Wingert bent down in front of demonstrators and other police officers and explained: “We join them in a symbolic way. This is what we want The least thing done.”

Anti-racist demonstrators across the country accepted the famous move of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who began to kneel before the handover of the 2016 national anthem to protest against police against blacks and Brutal acts of other ethnic minorities.

Kapnik was rejected by the National Football League (NFL) for his kneeling protests, which condemned him and like-minded athletes and was insulted by conservatives including Trump.

Now, the police are imitating the protesters, imitating the quarterbacks and becoming civil rights.

In the fierce scene filmed on a New York camera on Monday and Monday, the city’s white police chief Terence Monaghan knelt down, clenched his hands with the protest leader, and raised his arms high to show his respect to Freud The support of death and common anger.

The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, tweeted: “At a time like this, I know we will find a way.”

Similar scenes have occurred in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, and Washington, the capital.

From Joe Biden, the hopeful candidate of the Democratic presidential candidate, to Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, leading politicians have adopted this gesture. On Tuesday, when they mixed with the demonstrators, they bowed with a group of officers.

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