Police fails to arrest prime suspect of motorway incident

Police fails to arrest prime suspect of motorway incident


Despite repeated raids by law enforcement agencies, the Punjab police still failed to apprehend Abid Ali, the main suspect of the car criminal gang.

The police detained seven people, including Abid Ali’s close relatives. According to reports, the criminal was suspected of illegally occupying land and his brother was also suspected of robbery and other crimes.

On the other hand, the alleged co-defendant Waqar-ul-Hassan, who appeared in court at the CIA police station in Model Town, Lahore yesterday, is likely to appear in the local court today (Monday).

According to detailed information, the investigation team has sent Waqar samples to the laboratory for DNA testing. The source said that an identification parade will also be held to identify the suspect.

At the same time, police sources said that Abbas, a relative of Waqar-ul-Hassan, was also involved in the case. The source further pointed out that Abbas is likely to appear in court for questioning.

The Punjab Press Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said that the mobile phone data of the suspects Abid Ali and Waqar-ul-Hassan were recovered through geofencing. He told the security personnel to continue to conduct raids to arrest the perpetrators.

Johan further stated that the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Bouzdar, is personally monitoring the case.

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