Police clueless about missing five-year-old girl in Karachi

Police clueless about missing five-year-old girl in Karachi


Karachi: Police officials have not been able to disappear from September 30, the 5-year-old girl Zainab, who went missing from Eidgah Ground in the Malir district of Karachi.

The family of five-year-old Zainab told ARY News that she went out to play at 5:00 pm three days ago and mysteriously disappeared from the ground. The mother said that some people said that Zainab was kidnapped, while others expressed concern that she would fall into the sewage treatment plant.

The father said he had no hatred with anyone, but he expressed disappointment at the slow progress in the efforts to restore his daughter.

In early August, Karachi police recovered the remains of a 7-year-old boy from the Korangi Industrial Area, which has been missing since the past 20 days.

The underage boy, Ahmed Khan, was abducted by an unidentified person in the B/8 zone on the ground of BMW in the Kolange industrial zone.

An investigator said that the remains were the bodies of the missing boy, and Ahmed Khan’s clothes were also found at the scene.

The detainee accused of kidnapping the boy told police investigators that Ahmed Khan was raped and murdered by his friend Asghar. He also said that Asgar raped the child, strangled him to death, and then hid his body.

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