PM, president, send impassioned message to nation on Defence Day

PM, president, send impassioned message to nation on Defence Day


Islamabad: On the occasion of National Defense Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a message to the country that September 6, 1965 reflected the unparalleled courage and sacrifice of the country’s brave armed forces.

The Prime Minister said that 55 years ago, the armed forces and enthusiastic nations proved to the world that we are ready to defend our motherland at all costs. He said that we showed the world that numbers are not important. Passion, enthusiasm and courage are the most important.

Imran Khan said that India has inflicted terror and fear on innocent Kashmiris and continues to show aggressiveness on the line of control. The purpose of these provocations is to divert the world’s attention from the illegal occupation of Jammu and the Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is a believer in peace, but it should not be regarded as our weakness. The world must realize that our desire for peace is for the economic well-being and prosperity of the people of South Asia. He said: “We need to work together to fight for peace for future generations and have a bright future.”

Imran Khan said that on the occasion of September 6, we paid tribute to the martyrs and heroes and demonstrated that our determined nation and brave armed forces are fully capable of defending the country.

The Prime Minister said that today we reaffirm our commitment to Pakistan’s national defense, security and sovereignty. This is the commitment embodied by the martyrs and heroes of the 1965 war. He ended his message to the country with “North Pakistan Sindabad Army, Pakistan Pandabad!”

President Dr. Arif Alvi said in his speech that we have successfully defeated terrorism and extremism, and now we are moving towards economic prosperity.

He said that we have also made active efforts to ensure peace in the region and adopted a positive attitude, but unfortunately, our enemies are hostile to us.

The President said that we reiterate our commitment that we will continue to support the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who are illegally occupied by India, until the right to self-determination is realized.

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