PM Imran leaves for Tajikistan to attend SCO Summit

PM Imran Khan says Pakistan stands with Kashmiris


Islamabad: In his message on Kashmir Solidarity Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on Friday that Pakistan stands united and resolute with the Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle for self-determination.

In a series of tweets, the prime minister emphasized the atrocities and plights faced by the Kashmir people due to India’s cruel actions during the military siege, and assured them of Pakistan’s firm support.

“On #KashmirSolidarityDay, I want to reiterate that Pakistan stands united & resolute with the Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle for self-determination, which has been reaffirmed by the international community in numerous UNSC resolutions,” the PM tweeted.

The Prime Minister said that Indian occupation and oppression have not weakened the Kashmiri people’s determination to fight for the right to self-determination over the past seven decades, adding that young Kashmiris are pushing this struggle with greater determination.

“To the Kashmiri people, my message is that your goal of self-determination is not far,” PM Imran said, adding, “Pakistan will stand with you till you achieve your legitimate rights.”

The prime minister also mentioned his desire for world peace.

“Pakistan has always stood for peace in our region, but the onus of creating an enabling environment lies with India.”

In a letter to the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said: “If India shows sincerity and seeks a just solution to the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, we are ready to take two steps towards peace.”

However, he made it clear that “no one mistake our desire for stability and peace as a sign of weakness”.

“Rather, it is because of our strength and confidence as a nation that we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure a just peace that fulfils the legitimate aspirations of the Kashmiri people.”

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