PM Imran finalises names of candidates for AJK elections

PM Imran Khan interacts with masses over telephone


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan is responding to public queries via telephone today, live, during a PTI programme.

In response to a question about why there is no rule of law in Pakistan, the prime minister said that before the law, the strong and the weak should be equal.

“I can’t turn on a switch and rivers of milk will flow,” he said. 

He credits the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace is upon him) for establishing the state of Medina so that everyone is equal before the law.

The Prime Minister cited Germany, Japan and other countries as examples. These countries were destroyed after the Second World War but successfully stood up in 10 years.

“Countries are destroyed when the heads of governments steal money in the billions and send them abroad,” he said. 

The premier is undertaking the initiative as part of the programme “Aapka Wazir- e-Azam Aap Kai Sath” which began its live telecast from 1:30 pm on PTV.

The public can call the Prime Minister at 051-9224900. On-site interaction will be conducted through broadcast and other social media platforms.

The Prime Minister appeared regularly on live TV shows, and people from all walks of life attended the conference enthusiastically. These people often asked different questions about national, global, and other common issues.

These questions are then answered by the prime minister, sometimes with the help of some members of his cabinet. 

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